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Discovering Legendary Teas

Wu Yi Shan Oolongs...

In Pinyin, Shan means Mountain. However, Wu Yi Shan is More than a Mountain...

Wu Yi Shan is actually a mountain range extending 70 miles long and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Among the peaks and crevices of Wu Yi Shan some 800 different cultivars are said to exist, some only producing 1-2kg of tea per year.

Four cultivars known as Si Da Ming Cong or Four Great Cultivars, have been selected to become the genetic stock for what have become the renowned teas of Wu Yi Shan. These four, Da Hong Pao, Tie Luo Han, Bai Ji Guan, and Shui Jin Gui are included in our Wu Yi Shan collection.

Among our ten Wu Yi Shan Oolongs you will notice wonderful subtle distinctions, but each maintains what our grower Mr. Chen explains as Ming Yang or Rock Charm, a common quality that is said to be a result of the mineral-rich granular soil and the crevices the plants grow in.

For the Tea Enthusiast, these selections are more than tea...