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Savvy Tea Gourmet...The Evolution from Tea Dreams to Tea Enterprise...

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Savvy Tea Gourmet is our Award-Winning Teashop located in Madison Connecticut...

We call it our Tea Mecca

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Savvy Tea Gourmet is a Teashop with a lot to offer. Hundreds of tea and herbal selections cover a complete range of tastes and profiles curated to please both the casual tea drinker and the avid tea fanatic!

Our Mission at Savvy Tea Gourmet is Improving Lives with Tea...One Sip at a Time...and we accomplish that by being a resource for tea knowledge as well as an extensive range of tea and herbal selections.

Savvy Tea Gourmet Tea Selection
Visit Savvy Tea Gourmet for teas by the cup, by the pot, iced, tea smoothies and light snacks. Browse hundreds of selections and speak with knowledgeable tea lovers anxious to help you with your next tea discovery or to find you the perfect tea gift for someone special...or for yourself!

Here is a little of what led us to what we are today...

Savvy Tea Gourmet Chapter Four...Closer to Tea Mecca...2022-

Holiday Savvy Tea Gourmet
The main part of our Tea Dream is to create a venue not only where we can show our product, but one that is an Tea Education center and inspiration to those wishing to make their lives better...with Tea.
The new home of Savvy Tea Gourmet at 712 Boston Post Road in Madison, CT blends the intimate cozy teahouse with lively and vibrant opportunity for those thirsty for all that tea can do for their lives to quench with sips of tea education and pleasure.
We call it Chapter Four.

Savvy Tea Gourmet Chapter Three...The Goldilocks of Tea...2014-2022

Savvy Tea Gourmet Event
Our 2014 move to 121 Samson Rock Drive in Madison was a great relief as it gave us room to breathe and collect ourselves...
Coming from a cramped space that was just too small we felt relief to welcome our tea drinking community to comfortable venue where we had the room to offer Themed Tea Tastings and Afternoon Teas...The size of this space felt just right for Savvy Tea Gourmet...
Savvy Tea Gourmet Exterior
Then came COVID-19 and life went upside-down...We shifted to curb-side pick-up for phone-in orders, scrambled to do more online and our tearoom became a shipping department...all in the name of survival...
Consumer patterns were shifting, and we knew it was time for Chapter Four...

Savvy Tea Gourmet Chapter Two...A Tea Hole In The Wall...2012-2014

Savvy Tea Gourmet Second Location
Leaving our first Savvy Tea Gourmet location felt like we had left the largest part of our dream behind...but we re-grouped at 693 Main St and started regaining our vision of being the vehicle to deliver our loyal customers the true tea experience...Try as we did, after just a year grateful for our time there we realized that the space was too small...
Savvy Tea Gourmet Second Location
We had jammed 2000 square feet of tea & teaware into 400 square feet in our "Hole In The Wall", and customer demand happily let us know that we needed more space to meet the need...

Savvy Tea Gourmet Chapter One...The Prototype...The Plan...The Recession...2008-2012

The culmination of our desire to help others discover the true meaning of tea rendered itself in our first brick and mortar location at 28 Durham Road in Madison, CT....that was in 2008, three years after starting to sell teas a fairs and shows in 2005.
Savvy Tea Gourmet
Our concept was to create an ultimate tea experience where people would come, learn about tea, fall in love with it, become educated tea drinkers, and re-order online from home...
The intent was to create a Tea Mecca that would become a prototype for a second location in greater Boston and a third in greater New York...
Savvy Tea Gourmet Owners
We paid great attention to detail & excellence in every aspect and invested a small fortune in putting our best foot forward.
In 2007 The economy was booming, and we were enthused with the dream of building our Tea Mecca and "Improving People's Lives with Tea...One Sip at A Time"...
Savvy Tea Gourmet Event
What we did not see coming was the recession in October 2008, the very month we opened our doors.
The four and a half years from our opening in 2008 were difficult. The economy plunged pushing many people to difficult extremes making budgets tight and unfavorable conditions for a fledgling tea business trying to start in a small community without a large population to support a nasty recession.
The first two years were financially difficult, but we began building tea relationships which have led to long term tea-loving customers that continue to support us today.
We gained ground in year three and year four was beginning to show real promise when we found that our rent would be increased in year five...just a bridge too far for reasonable people to cross in a still faltering economy...
We would have to leave this space to have a chance of preserving our tea dream...helping others find the true meaning and value of tea...