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Tea Education...Learn to Become a Tea Expert...

Tea Education...A Variety of Classes to Enhance Your Tea Knowledge...

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Basic Tea Education Tips:

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Tea Education

From Tea Tastings to Professional Tea Training, our tea education classes are perfect for beginners, amateurs, and career professionals. We offer special group rates for parties and corporate.


In-Person Tea Tasting Tea Education

In-Person Tastings- In-Person Tastings are done in our tasting room at 712 Boston Post Road in Madison, CT. Tea Tastings cover a wide range of interesting tea topics and are led by Certified Tea Master, Advocate & Tea Educator Philip Parda who brings 50 years of tea drinking, tea education and experience into each enjoyable tasting. Click here.






Virtual Tea Tasting Tea EducationVirtual Tea Tastings- Entertaining, Informative and Fun...Choose from many different topics on tea education and learn about this amazing plant that Mother Nature has provided us with. Sip, enjoy, and gain perspective on the ways tea can make your life...better! Click here.




Private In-Person Tea Tasting Tea EducationPrivate Tea Tastings- Special occasion for friends or family? Want to have tea with some long-distance acquaintances?  Private Virtual Tastings allow you to select the time, the tasting topic for tea education and the teas you would like to enjoy with your group or party. Click here.



Virtual Private Tasting Tea EducationVirtual Private Tea Tastings- Gather family or friends and enjoy a tasting customized for your group. With our Virtual Private Tea Tastings you can connect with family in the same room or in different states. Tea education is a great way to spend some quality time doing something that can benefit the entire family...Click here.




Tea Snob Certification Tea Education

Certified Tea Snob- Attending 20 of our tastings allows you to be awarded our official Drink Great Tea certificate, allowing you to consider yourself a Certified Tea Snob. Once you have achieved your 20 tastings you must provide a list of the tastings attended to receive your tea education certificate. A Must-Have for any serious tea drinker. Click here.







Tea Talks Tea Education

Tea Talks- Once a month join us for an informal Q&A about anything Tea. Sometimes we have specific topics to talk about and other times we drink tea and talk about whatever comes up. All interested in tea are welcome. Tea Talks are usually held the second Thursday of the month from 6:30-7:30 PM EST. Join as a guest, and please consider joining the Drink Great Tea Community and receive meeting notifications and links prior to the monthly Tea Talks. Click here.


Professional Tea Certification Tea Education


Professional Tea Certification- We conduct Professional Tea Training and certification in association with International Tea Master's Association , the certifying body. Tea education classes are currently done both in-person & virtually and are held quarterly at mutually agreeable times. Those interested in Professional Tea Certification can achieve certification as a Tea Sommelier or a Tea Master. For details, please contact Philip at pparda@drinkgreattea.com and see the schedule at https://teamasters.org/ 


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Tea Tasting in the Shop Tea Education
Tea Tasting Tea Education
Tea Tasting Tea Education