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Tea Broth Color...The Key to Steeping Perfection...Find your Sweet Spot…

Want your tea to be perfect…

...every cup?

It is actually easier than you think.

Tea Broth color IS the key to Steeping Perfection.

So if you have a way to observe and control the color of the broth, shazam you’ve got it!

Ok, so what is a good way to observe and control the color of my tea broth? Simply prepare your tea in something clear, like a clear glass infuser…

The perfect infusion is the result of an equation combining an amount of tea, heated water, and time. All these become easy to observe as the leaf ingredients defuse into the hot water, becoming the Broth.

As these three variables are managed through observation, reliable consistency can be achieved infusion after infusion. Using something clear to infuse makes observation of the steeping leaves easy.

With each subsequent infusion, conditions, and useful life of the tea leaves themselves change as the ingredient from the leaves is drawn into the broth..

Loose-leaf teas are not only capable of multiple infusions they should be infused multiple times.

Over multiple infusions, your ability to observe the color of the tea broth will allow you to consistently steep to a desired flavor profile by removing the leaves each time the desired color is reached. Relying on a specified amount of time does not take into consideration the changing tea leaf ingredient level infusion after infusion so it becomes easy to under or over steep.

On your first infusion for each tea that is new to you, we recommend under-steeping the tealeaves resulting in a broth color that is intentionally a lighter color than you might initially guess you would like. You then taste and observe the color of the broth and determine if you will adjust the broth color on your nest infusions.

Once you find your Sweet Spot for each tea, this becomes the reference color you use from then on.

Monitoring tea broth color gives the most consistent cup result. Consistency in the amount of tea leaves being steeped and the water temperature are necessary to isolate the broth color as the variable that is being controlled.

Being able to observe the broth color during the infusion process makes Steeping Perfection a sure thingEvery Cup!

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