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"Great Red Robe"...(Da Hong Pao)...The most renowned of Wu Yi Shan teas...

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Increase Your Tea Pleasure with Captivating Oolongs...

Da Hong Pao is the the prized tea most notably known as "Yan Cha" or "Rock Tea"..why you say? It is because of the mineral-rich granular soil that has collected in the crevices of the Wu Yi Shan, a 70 mile long mountain range in north west Fujian China. It is here that centuries ago tea plants were planted deep in the crevices where little if any sunlight reaches the plants, leaving them to grow in indirect light ultimately increasing their amino acid content and developing organic compounds that are masterfully transformed into world renowned oolong tea. The Master for this magic is Mr. Chen my long-time friend and respected tea master...

These teas produce rich aroma, taste and flavor. The matured aromatic oils are skillfully transformed into soluble compounds that transfer into your tea broth yielding nuances of dried fruits like dried apricot and plum. Rich in legend and history, it is said that centuries ago an important military figure was revived from his deathbed by monks after many Chinese doctors had failed, by serving him Da Hong Pao...a month after he recovered he journeyed to Wu Yi Shan to visit the monks and to see for himself the tea tree that saved his life. Upon seeing the tree he removed his scarlet cloak wrapping it around the tree and proclaimed that this tea would be forever known as "Great Red Robe"...

This designation identified this tea plant as the "Mother Plant" of one of the four famous tea plants of Wu Yi Shan which has been cloned to produce plants with the same genetic structure.

This selection is for those experienced in tea...