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What actually IS a Tea Purveyor anyway?

Philip Parda Tea Purveyor

Tea Knowledge and Tea Awareness are the keys to matching the needs of the tea drinker and the right tea.

Tea Purveyors
For us, a Tea Purveyor is someone that takes into account the likes, dislikes, needs and desires of the person wanting the tea and matches them with the right tea...
It takes experience and time studying tea to understand even a portion of all that there is to know about it. For me, it's turned into a 50 year journey of fascination with the powerfully healthy ingredients in the tea plant the ability of man to manipulate the leaves in such ways to create cup experiences for us that bring delight.
Tea Purveyors
My work is to extend the tea knowledge gained over decades and hundreds of visits to places where people combine the power of Mother Nature's tea creations with the skills of man, to our team and customers at Drink Great Tea and Savvy Tea Gourmet.
Tea Purveyor Education
Understanding the tea and what it should be is the first and perhaps the largest challenge. Assuring the quality is as it should be and selecting tea grades that accurately represent the growing regions they are from at a price that brings value to the customer is the art of the Purveyor.
It is not an ability to purchase the most expensive tea we can buy that puts amongst the best purveyors of tea, it is in finding the select teas at a price still within the reach of our advancing tea community's means.
Over the past 18+ years, we have taken the time to get to know our customers, to understand their tea knowledge and awareness and to guide them onto their next tea experience...This is good work as have indeed been able to accomplish our mission of Improving people's Lives with Tea...One Sip at a Time...
Our experience has been enriched by building our community of tea drinkers and by the unexpected joy of the friendships we have made along the way...

Tea knowledge is not only knowing your teas, but knowing your customers and their lives.

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