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"Sticky Rice" Pu'er...Unusual, Intriguing, Delicious...

A Great Variation on China Tea Excellence...

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A Great Variation on China Tea Excellence...

This Pu'er Cha will become an instant favorite of any Pu'er fan that gives it a try.

This savory "ripe" selection "Nuo Mi Puerh" provides a rich, thick broth with intriguing nuance of "sticky rice". Simply a must for the avid Puerh drinker to have a supply of our Nuo Mei (Sticky Rice) Puerh. A nutty, savory flavor is complemented by a silky thick body resulting in aftertaste that does not quit.

You will steep cup after cup with infusions so numerous the goodness seemingly never comes to an end.

The sweet aroma of sticky rice blends with full body, sweet and salt with earthy notes that combine to form flavor incredibly similar to sticky rice.

The technique of combining a local Yunnan herb called "Nuo Mi Xiang" with ripe (shou) Pu'er tea results in this wonderfully pleasing "Sticky Rice" combination sure to delight.

Be ready to steep these leaves 8+ times as "Sticky Rice" Pu-erh keeps giving its goodness almost endlessly.

Enjoying Unique Pu'er... An Enchanting Tea Experience...