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1) Take a peek at our shelves or listing board and have fun picking a tea, or 2) Go for a Daily Special, or 3) Ask our Tea Team to help with your choice.

We have 6 Collections of teas to choose from. See the collection title above each shelf in the shop...then select your tea! Our Collections:

Savvy Tea Gourmet Collection:

Blended or blended & flavored teas.

Medium $4.50, Large $5.50, Pot $12.25

Tea Garden Journeys Collection:

Teas from around the world!

Medium $5.00, Large $6.00, Pot $13.00

Middle Kingdom Tea Collection:

High-end teas from China.

Medium $5.00, Large $6.00, Pot $13.00

Emperor's Tribute Select Collection: 

Our most exclusive Teas.

Medium $6.00, Large $6.50, Pot $15.00

Zhong Guo Cha Collection:

Pu'er & Other Dark Teas.

Medium $5.00, Large $6.00, Pot $13.00

Nature's Apothecary Collection:

Functional herbal blends that taste good!

Medium $5.00, Large $5.50, Pot $13.00

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