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Who Me... Enjoy Matcha?

Yes, YOU and…You Will be Happy You Did 

There is a lot to know about Matcha, and most people who enjoy and benefit from Matcha don’t realize all that there is to know…they don’t need to, but it is really helpful if you want to get the best experience from Matcha.

Let’s begin with what Matcha means...quite simply, it means rubbed or ground tea. Yes, what you are probably thinking is correct. That is, any tea that is rubbed or ground is Matcha...even black teas for example. 

What we have come to know as Matcha however is typically the green version most renowned from Japan. 

Within the past 15 years, the average person walking into a teashop has gone from not having Matcha on their radar screen to now knowing it’s exceptionally good for us and being intrigued or much more. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Matcha we hear more about every day:

Whisking Matcha

Classic Matcha is produced from tealeaves called Tencha (means Mortar Tea) that have been stone-ground on granite grinding wheels into a fine brilliant green tea powder. 

This is the tea consumers think of when they are increasing interest in Matcha for the drinking experience and the health benefits. 

Because any tea can be ground into powder and called Matcha, you can imagine the misunderstanding that can develop with companies that are grinding tea leaves and selling them as what the consumers think is Matcha made from Tencha. 

The way that Teacha is grown and processed is the key to understanding the quality of the Matcha you are purchasing and consuming. Relying on someone that knows the source of the Tencha and the care that has been taken in the processing of it into Matcha is the key to assuring the quality of your Matcha and to what you are relying on for its health benefits. 

OK, so how is Matcha so good for us? 

First Harvest Matcha Powder

When we steep whole-leaf tea we defuse the ingredients that create the aroma, taste, flavor, and that bring us health benefits. We infuse multiple times to extract all the goodness we can from the leaves. 

When we finally discard our depleted tea leaves, unknowingly we are also discarding unused vitamins and nutrients that we cannot get from the whole leaf. We cannot get them because they are non-water soluble…they will never come out of the tea leaves, no matter how long we might steep them. 

When we consume Matcha, we are consuming tiny particles of tea leaf which our body digests and breaks down. Not only do we obtain what would have been the water-soluble steeped-out ingredients, but we also gain the non-water-soluble ingredients that would normally be locked into the solid part of the tea leaf....vitamins, nutrients etc.

The world of Matcha is large and there IS a lot to know. Therefore, you rely on a Tea Purveyor to identify and select grades that will be good choices for how you will be using and benefiting from your Matcha. Searching online for Matcha is challenging because you can’t be sure what you are going to get, where it is from, or what the quality will be. It might not even be made from Tencha.

At Drink Great Tea, we have chosen Matcha grades to cover a range of uses:

Matcha Ceremony

We air-freight our Japan teas including Matcha and store our bulk inventory in refrigeration until we package it for customers: 

  • Ceremonial, This Is Matcha used in Cha No Yu, The Japanese Tea Ceremony and is the Matcha that you would whisk in your Matcha bowl, The finer particles of Matcha are appropriate for creating the desirable foam resulting from the whisking process. This type of Matcha we refer to as Usucha.  Our Ceremonial Matcha is an excellent grade of blended first and second flush Tencha combined into a high-quality Ceremonial grade.    
  • Ichibancha is the first harvested tea of the season. This exclusive grade is 100% first flush Tencha that has been ground into very fine particles transforming from leaves into Ceremonial Matcha..."rubbed" or "ground" tea. This grade is considered precious and is a delightful exclusive indulgence for those that enjoy whisking Matcha and appreciating exclusive excellence in tea. The Tencha that this tea is ground from comes from Mie Prefecture which is a prime source of superior Tencha purchased by Uji and Kyoto and then ground into their premium Ceremonial Matcha. 
  • Koicha, Thick Matcha, this type of Matcha is gently stirred with your whisk in the Matcha Bowl with less water until a honey-like consistency is reached before drinking. Wow, what an intense beverage!  This is an especially wonderful variation for those that particularly have been enjoying Usucha. We refer to Thick Matcha as Koicha.   
  • Culinary Matcha, This Matcha, although not discernible by eye is harvested in the autumn which make it preferable for culinary purposes like baking and beverages like smoothies or Matcha Lattes. It is less expensive that Usucha because of its harvest season. Culinary Matcha is appropriate for any recipe that blends the Matcha with any other ingredients.  
  • Imperial Jade, this tea is a blend of a high grade Genmaicha (rice tea) with Matcha added that we blend. This is done to provide a user-friendly way to routinely get your Matcha enjoyment every day without taking time to go through the whisking process. Imperial Jade pairs beautifully with seafood of many typed, but of course especially Japanese seafood.  
  • Matcha Smoothie Mix, we create a blend from Matcha which we find outstanding for blending our popular Matcha Smoothie beverage. You simply add ice and your choice of milk to create creamy Match rich Smoothies. Once you have one you become a fan! 

Bringing Matcha or more Matcha into your life is a good thing. It will be ultra-pleasing and bring many benefits that will help you build your program of wellness and longevity. 

Matcha Tasting

How to Make Matcha:

Step 1: Scoop Matcha powder into bowl. Add a little bit of water, enough to dissolve all of the Matcha.

Step 2: Quickly whisk Matcha in a "W" pattern until an emerald foam forms on the surface of the broth.

Step 3: Add a splash more of water and continue whisking Matcha.

Step 4: Drink Matcha directly from the bowl or transfer to a cup to enjoy!

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