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The Value of Sleep…And Teas That Can Help…

There is a lot of value to better understanding sleep and the connection between sleep and longevity…

We have heard throughout life of the importance of sleep, but most of us have not taken the time to really understand just how sleep helps. So, what is it about lack of sleep that matters other than feeling tired?


Let’s Start with Sleep Deprivation…We NEVER adapt to not getting enough sleep. You can sometimes try to catch-up, but our biological clock can work against us, not allowing us to necessarily sleep at will when convenient. Some think that you require less sleep as you get older…not I. Sleep deprivation has a compounding effect that we will never get used to, and the lost sleep time will have long-lasting impact on wellbeing.

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When we are not getting enough sleep, our judgement, reaction time and other functions will simply be off. We are anything but on top of our game. We miss things, and our normal interest level is subdued.


All Cognitive Skills Are Compromised by Sleep Deprivation…

Sleep deprivation interferes with brain function at a cellular level. It is not imaginary, or temporary…it is real damage. Not only to operational function but to our ability to gather and store information and experiences.


It Disrupts Levels of Hormones Affecting Thought, Mood & Energy…


When we say we did not sleep well and are not feeling up to ourselves, it’s real. It is more than what we think of as being tired…no there is a lot that goes on or does not go on that is impacting our feelings and performance…for good reason. The poor condition caused by sleep deprivation is like a symptom of a disease that will have far reaching circumstances and repercussions.

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Sleep deprivation Leaves the Brain In The State Of Always ON and Activates Genes That Interfere With Optimal Brain Activity…


The problem compounds because one sleep deprived night can become a series…leading to a condition known as Chronic Sleep Debt

Sleep Debt…It is worse than you can imagine:


  • You Can’t Focus Well Due to Disruption Of Your Circadian Rhythms…

  • Lack Of Sleep Is Related to Cognitive Decline And Is Related To Alzheimer’s

  • You Have Trouble Making and Storing Memories…


Although Memory Acquisition and Memory Recall Take Place When We Are Awake…

The middle stage of memory or “Consolidation” Actually Happens When Asleep…


Here is the scary part: Memory consolidation is the brain’s process of storing new memories for long-term retrievalIf You Shortchange Yourself Of the 4-5 Sleep Cycles That A Full Night’s Rest Provides, You Risk Compromising Your Memory…


But beyond brain function and memory, there is so much more to sleep…your body’s time to heal and repair…During sleep, your immune system is working hard and your Pituitary Gland is secreting growth hormones that are repairing tissue and muscle mass.

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This Is the Body’s Repair Time, And Cannot Be Substituted…

How Can Tea Help Me?...


There are Two Basic Ways…That Tea Is a Natural Therapeutic…

Both actual tea, (Camellia sinensis), and herbal teas of many kinds can play a role in helping us reach our desired sleep routine. They can influence us both:




Bioactive Compounds in actual tea and others in herbals can contribute to psychological mood adjusting and physiological chemical reaction within us that improve conditions allowing us to induce desired sleep.


Let’s Take A Look… Deeper Into The Cup…

Bioactive Compounds Are Extra-Nutritional Constituents In Foods…They Provide Health Benefits Beyond The Basic Nutritional Value Of The Product…


In actual tea, L-Theanine increases the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain which causes the brain to feel more relaxed. Additionally Gamma Aminobutyric Acid relieves anxiety, improves mood and relaxes capillary walls reducing blood pressure…it  has a calming effect.


While helping you drift off to sleep when your head hits the pillow, another valuable bioactive compound in actual tea is helping your body with immune function and repair…EGCG…it is a Powerhouse

  • The most abundant antioxidant in tea

  • Epigallocatechin Gallate…One of our Best Friends

  • The Antioxidant that does the heavy lifting

  • Significant amounts in all teas but high amounts in many green teas


Most of us associate tea with caffeine as we associate coffee with caffeine, and maybe actually contributing sleepless nights.

The L-Theanine in tea has an unexpected synergistic relationship with the caffeine in tea, connecting with the caffeine, delaying its entrance into our bloodstream and creating an effect very different from the caffeine reaction from coffee…actually helping us drift off to sleep when our head hits the pillow.


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Many herbals create calming reactions which create conditions conducive to sleep.

Some herbals go beyond relaxation and actually aid in our ability to drift off to sleep.

How To Position Yourself for The Sleep You Need…

Facilitate Your Sleep

  • Realistic Consistent Bedtime

  • Comfortable Temperature And

  • Low Light

  • The Right Mattress, Pillows And Sheets

  • Exercise During The Day

  • The Calming Advantages Of Teas & Herbs

The Healthy Tea Lifestyle:

  • Can Be Great for Your Life…

  • An Incentive…

  • A Health Beverage…

  • A Soul Embellishment…


Here are some suggestions for high L-Theanine teas and herbals to try in your quest for a great night’s sleep:

High L-Theanine Teas:

  • Cloud Mist…Lu Shan Yun Wu,

  • Gyokuro,

  • Kabusecha,

  • Imperial Jade,

  • Darjeeling,

  • Himalayan High Golden Tips,


Herbals for Calming and Relaxing:

  • Lavender Mint,

  • Time Out Calming Blend,

  • Stress Be Gone,

  • Yoga Blend,

  • Balance Blend,

  • Reiki Blend,


Herbals for helping your sleep…

  • Sweet Dreams…

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