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Tea As A Natural Therapeutic...Part 2

There Are Two Ways that Tea Is A Natural Therapeutic....

In Part 1 we explored the first way...Psychologically...

Here in Part 2 we are going to look at

The Other Way

Tea is a Natural Therapeutic...Physiologically

Physiologically?...Yes, and It's all about what are called Bioactive Compounds.

That's right, tea does a whole lot more than just taste good and make us feel good.

Tea actually contains hundreds if not thousands of these elements that are in food science referred to as Bioactive Compounds. They perform many beneficial functions within our body and are more specifically amino acids, lignins, proteins, caffeine, xantheines and flavonoids. 

It is these bioactive compounds that make tea a natural therapeutic, and here is how they work in our body...

The Flavonoid Bioactive Compounds in Tea do their work at a Cellular Level...

They actually have specific cellular targets that are related to health benefits including cardiovascular, chemo-preventative, metabolic, neuroprotective and other benefits.

Bioactive components in tea are extra-nutritional constituents in tea. They provide health benefits beyond the basic nutritional value of the product.

The ancient Chinese concept of tea  being 10,000 medicines somehow seems to speak to the volume of studies done on tea over the past several decades. In the Tea & Health overview of research report on the Health Benefits of Tea, issued by the Tea Council of the USA, it is stated: Throughout history, tea has been believed to purify the body and preserve the mind.

Today thousands of studies have been done and published in leading medical journals that have provided the proof to support ancient health claims.

Tea IS a Natural Therapeutic, Ready to Enhance Our Lives Continually.

Sip after sip, cup after cup, throughout the day and the night, bioactive components from tea are making their way into our system and reducing the demands our our natural systems, supporting our health & wellbeing all while providing us limitless pleasure when enjoying the tea.

When I think about bioactive components in tea the first things that come to mind are:

  • EGCG, the antioxidant that so effectively supports out immune system,
  • Theanine, which only naturally occurs in the tea plant and provides a plethora of benefits from improving cognitive function to lowering blood pressure to improving immunity to improving sleep and so much more
  • Alkylamine Antigens, which are found in some bacteria, tumor cells, parasites and fungi. Tea works sort of like a vaccine…Drinking tea helps our body build up defense against them.


Tea IS a Natural Therapeutic...a Full-Body Tonic, Good for Us in Countless Ways.

During photosynthesis, the DNA of the tea plant combines with the energy of the sun and the nutrients of the soil to create the bioactive compounds that have proven to be so beneficial to humans. 

When we steep our tea, we extract the powerful ingredients of tea into our broth, and when we enjoy our tea, we infuse ourselves with them, sip after sip, cup after cup...the more the better.

In reality we are simply transferring the bioactive compounds Mother Nature has engineered and provided from the plant to our bodies, and have enlisted the bioactive compounds to delight us with taste, and to help us maintain wellbeing.

Knowing how great the tea is for us, what it is doing inside our bodies and enjoying the sensation and tea character of drinking our tea, brings us pleasure and satisfaction...becoming a Psychological Natural Therapeutic.

The rest is up to the tireless work of the Bioactive Compounds working around the clock to safeguard our wellbeing as a Physiological Natural Therapeutic.

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