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Discovering Legendary Teas

The Short- and Long-Term Benefits of Drinking Tea...

You know tea is good for you, but are you wondering exactly how and just how much you have to drink to get the benefit?

We keep hearing about the benefits of drinking tea, so we know there is something to it, how about some specifics....

Yes rest assured tea IS good for you as promised, right from the first sip...maybe even before. So let's take a closer look... 

First of all when we say Tea, in this instance, we are of course referring to the actual plant tea comes from, not other herbals. In addition to actual tea, we offer a wide selection of herbal blends that target all sorts of conditions we run into through life like inflammation, insomnia, stress etc.

Today though it is all about Actual Tea. I did say right from the first sip...maybe even sooner, and I meant it. You see even the aroma of the dry tealeaf and then the color of the tea broth get you off to a great start with tea.

It is the association of the leaf aroma and the visual of the broth that immediately take us to a place of satisfaction and contentment in our mind, fully knowing what satisfaction the experience of drinking the tea will bring, and maybe even more the awareness of the good that the tea will be doing as we drink it, and long after.

With Tea, we experience Immediate Benefits, Benefits After An Hour, Benefits After Weeks, and Long Term Benefits...

As we raise our cup, and maybe even before, we experience a release of dopamine, the happy hormone, that peaks our anticipation waiting for the desired Sensory Experience that is about to follow.

We sip and take in the broth we have come to know and admire. We take note of the aroma, the taste, the broth thickness and flavor. We swallow and experience the sensation we looked forward to...and there it is, the tea character we have come to appreciate and actually cherish.

More dopamine and happiness initiated by the confirmation of your anticipated pleasure, satisfaction and validation simply by knowing just how well the tea will serve you...way beyond the gustatory pleasure.

The initial sips not only delight the palate, they also quench the thirst and satisfy the soul.

As we work our way through the cup, and maybe onto another, as time passes the second layer of Tea Benefits begins to take effect...

Sip after sip, along with the satisfaction of knowing the good the tea you are enjoying will be doing for you comes cognitive clarity leading to keen focus and mental sharpness. All thanks to the theanine-caffeine relationship providing a gentle and relaxed neurological boost.

And there is more. An hour or so into your tea enjoyment, hydration begins to take effect. Tea is an excellent source of water. Tea is NOT a diuretic beverage and is actually a good and tasty way to replenish water.

The best part may be that by the time an hour or so has passed your body is already benefiting from increased antioxidant levels from the tea. In particular the powerful EGCG antioxidant the most abundant and powerful antioxidant in tea.

There is a Cumulative Effect as weeks go by and your tea consumption continues...

It keeps on getting better. The Cumulative Effect of Tea seems like magic, but it is real, and it is a result of the enjoyable tea drinking you are doing. 

As weeks accumulate, so do the benefits of drinking tea. Your ability to control weight increases along with your physical performance and endurance. 

Your immune health continues to become stronger and more capable and your oral and gut health continue to get better along with enhance digestion and cardiovascular improvements.

 Your skin benefits through reduced oxidative stress and free radical damage leading to smoother, softer skin with better elasticity and color.

Then there are the Long-Term Benefits of Tea...The benefits of the Cumulative Effect of Tea...

The Cumulative Effect of drinking tea results in improved general overall health from strengthening of the immune, cardiovascular, body composition, skeletal and muscular systems.

We can drink our tea with enjoyment, pleasure and peace of mind that we are indeed doing something good for ourselves with every sip.

Drinking tea is an enjoyable way to support our natural body systems absorbing some of the work they have to and improving their efficiency.

So then How Much tea do I need to drink to enjoy these benefits?

 Even one cup will do you some good...but two or three go down pretty easy, and tea fanatics like me find it a pleasure going through 5-6 cups or mugs a day...It's easy when you are drinking the Best Tasting Cup of Tea...Seriously...

With tea, it's pretty much the more the merrier when comes to the benefits that tea can bring into your life starting with the health benefits, but easily evolving into embellishment of quality of life.

Different types of tea have health benefit strengths that we can take advantage of by enjoying a variety of tea types. Adding tea variety to your life will also increase your range of tea enjoyment and make life...nicer.