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Taking Advantage of what Botanicals Can Do For Your Life...

Pleasure & Longevity...'s that for a start?

Or for you, is it Longevity & Pleasure?

Botanicals of course are derived from plants, and those of us interested in pleasure & longevity are especially interested in the health & wellness definition of botanicals; plants and parts of plants with medicinal value or health benefits.

So where do we begin when looking to take advantage of what botanicals can do for our lives? Let's of course, start with tea.
We consume botanicals (plants) every day in different ways. And we consume them because they are good for us, but also just because they're good...we like them.
We eat them, and we drink them.
With pleasure & longevity in mind, it is difficult to beat tea...and when I say tea, I mean Camellia sinensis, the botanical name for what we enjoy as tea.

Falling in love with tea for the sheer pleasure of drinking it is easy. You can quickly conquer Steeping Perfection and be on your way to tea drinking delight.

The best part though comes along with the tea drinking pleasure...for free. It's the Preventative Advantage of Camellia sinensis. By preventative I mean its ability to assist our body's natural systems in maintaining optimal health by absorbing some of the work the body does in keeping us in tip-top shape.

Additionally the tea is infusing our bodies with bioactive compounds such as vitamins, nutrients and amino acids responsible for improving health markers such as stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, cardiovascular health, improved cognitive function and better sleep.

So beyond Tea Drinking Pleasure, Green & White Teas are especially good for immunity and cognitive function, Darks and Blacks especially good for digestive and cardio function, and Oolongs a combination of the above, with enhanced aromatic complexity and delight.

But wait there is a whole bunch more to Botanicals.

Botanicals can help us both maintain and regain system balance.

The bounty of Natural Remedies that  Mother Nature has provided us is extensive and powerful. 

Beyond the preventative restorative advantages of Camellia sinensis herbal botanicals are Natural Therapeutics that can help us maintain as well as rebalance natural systems.

So just what are these Botanical Infusions? 

Botanical Infusions can be a single ingredient

or a blend of the following:

Herbs, Fruits, Berries, Vegetables, TCM, Ayurveda, Roots, Fungus, Rooibos, Honeybush

Botanical infusions may also include real tea, Camellia a blend ingredient as well.

When we look to buy herbal tea online we find many combinations and options. At Drink Great Tea our criteria for each Nature's Apothecary blend we make is that it not only has to address the targeted purpose we are creating the blend for, but it also must taste great too.

Applying botanicals to common ailments and reputed conditions that “tea types” may be able to help you with…

For our Nature's Apothecary Collection we create blends of herbs or tea and herbs to target common ailments…

Immune System Fortification: Green Teas, White Teas, Crimson C Immune Booster, Spring Anew Mushroom Blend

Anti-Cancer: High EGCG Green Teas, Cloud Mist, Gyokuro, Imperial Jade, Kabusecha, Rejuvenator Mushroom Blend 

Cognitive Function: Green Teas & White Teas high in L-Theanine, Clear Thoughts Mushroom Blend

Stress/Anxiety Reduction/Control: High L-Theanine Teas, especially Greens & Whites Royal Relaxation Mushroom Blend 

Cold/Flu Tolerance & Recovery; Green & White Teas, Crimson C Immune Booster Ginseng Oolong, Lavender Mint, Natural Cold Therapy, On The Mend Wellness Tonic

Inflammation Reduction Including Headache: Inflammation Blend, Green Teas, Slimming Blend-Rosemary

Centering: Balance Blend, Yoga Blend, Reiki Herbs, Stress Be Gone

Circulation: Green & White Teas, Ginseng Oolong, On The Ment Wellness Tonic

Detox: Detox Blend

Blood Pressure: High L-Theanine Green Teas, Gaba Oolong, Vital Life Longevity Blend, Xiancao

Unsettled Stomach: Lavender Mint, Mint Medley, Ginger Soother, Gingersnap (Black Tea with Ginger)

Indigestion & Digestive Track: Tick Tock Like a Clock, Golden Flower Tea, Ralph's Blend, Dark & Puerh teas

Cholesterol Reduction: Puerh & Dark Teas, Golden Flower, Ralph's Blend

Body Composition & Weight: Dark Oolong Teas, Golden Flower Dark Tea Brick, Puerh & Dark Teas, Slimming Blend

Energy: Ginseng Oolong, Matcha, Black Teas, Wellness Tonic, Crimson C Immune Booster

Insomnia: Time-Out Calming Blend, Lavender Mint, Sweet Dreams

Don't Reach for that Pill Bottle... least not so quickly...

In our hustle-bustle world today when we notice something is a little off, too often the first thing we often do is, reach for a pill bottle...

Pharmaceutical companies have the challenge of creating medications that are one-size-fits-all, and physicians have the difficult task of prescribing dosages of medications that are correct for each individual...And that says nothing of putting chemicals into your body that you just may not trust.
Pharmaceuticals are BIG BUSINESS, and they have an important place in our lives, but if possible, wouldn't you rather have a natural option where you can control the dosage based on what your body tells you?
One look at the TV ads for the endless array of medications being promoted with the seemingly endless list of disclaimers is enough to make you wonder if there could be a natural option that could lessen or eliminate your need for the synthetic medications and drugs.
Our Nature's Apothecary Collection provides such an option...isn't it worth a try?

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