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Perfect Pairing of Japanese Tea…And Food…

If you want to optimize your seafood experience, especially your Japanese Seafood experience, try pairing with some Japanese teas know for perfect pairing…
We know that complimenting food and beverage leads to enhanced culinary delight. We don’t however often take advantage of the opportunity that awaits us by exploring the complementary nuances of many Japanese teas when enjoying meals…especially of seafood, particularly Japanese Seafood.
But what are the best food pairing Japanese teas? Here are a few that we think will make your Japanese food experience three times better when paired with them:
Kukicha, a blend of steamed Japanese green tea and veins of the Tencha leaves that are used to make Japan’s most exclusive whole-leaf tea, Gyokuro. Gyokuro is considered too good, or too high a grade to have with food as one should focus only on the high quality of this fine tea. Kukicha however is a perfect selection complementing seafood with its marine characteristics.
Houjicha, a blend of tealeaf and stem particles that have a final processing step of roasting bringing out a character of burnt sugar and caramel notes. This tea produces a sweet, amber broth unlike a typical sencha but maintains a distinct Japanese identity. During the application of heat when roasting, a caramelization occurs imparting the enchanting roasted aroma to this tea.
Imperial Jade, Japanese sencha plus roasted rice with Matcha added makes this selection not only one of the most healthy power-packed teas one could have, but the savory qualities of this special blend make this selection the perfect pairing with any seafood paring…especially sushi or sashimi. Prepare yourself for a culinary treat if you plan your next Japanese meal with Imperial Jade.
Matcha, stone-ground tea normally whisked into water creating a green foam broth head, is a concentrated, intense beverage packed with aroma and taste. Matcha makes a perfect companion for sweet treats, cakes and pastries.
Once you experience the harmony of the right tea paired with the quality seafood dish, you find direct similarities with the perfect wine selection. In fact having you wine or sake on the table along with the tea and the food will not be a distraction at all, but a complementary enhancement to the complete experience.
At our tasting this weekend A Taste of Japan we welcome attendees to bring their Japanese food selections to try with the six teas we will be serving… Register here
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