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Discovering Legendary Teas

Just exactly what IS “Breakfast Tea” anyway? And…Which one is best?

And just HOW are Breakfast Teas different?

Breakfast Tea can be different things to different people…everyone has their routine family preference and their tea culture…

A confusing thing about Breakfast Teas comes from a common misconception about Breakfast Teas. Take English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast for example…These beloved blends are actually different blends from every tea company you buy the tea from. That is to say that there are no two companies that make the identical Irish or English Breakfast blends.


Each company has a concept of what a Breakfast Blend is all about relative to its ability to produce a certain result in the cup. Typically an Irish Breakfast is a more robust being blended from teas known to produce hardy broth with deep tones of brown and red in the cup.

To many the pleasure of enjoying a cup of their favorite steep can’t be achieved without dressing the broth with a touch of milk and a tad of sugar. To others it’s a wedge of lemon and dollop of honey.

The fact is that the term or concept Breakfast Tea has evolved more to describe one’s personal fav for their first tea of the day. Often that tea can vary a bit depending on the day, time of year and the mood of the tea drinker.

The name English Breakfast has taken on a meaning as more of a style or typical profile that people associate with a certain cup of tea.

Valuable to realize however is that the concept of a Breakfast Tea is considerably in the control of the person preparing the tea. Most teas can be prepared as a Self-Drinker…meaning that nothing is added. In this instance one may choose to steep to a broth color that is on the lighter side of the color-range of the broth spectrum. In the case of black teas, this keeps the tea ingredient that enters the broth to a pleasant light taste profile with controlled astringency.

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Then there are those that anticipate the pleasure of adding milk and sugar. They choose to extract additional content from the leaves on their first infusion striving for a deeper broth color. They intentionally plan on bringing the broth over an edge to a greater astringency and more intense taste profile anticipating what the addition of milk & sugar will do to adjust the broth.

The end-result is a broth that will still yield great Tea Taste without being overwhelmed by the milk.


So, what a Breakfast Tea really is, is a concept of what would satisfy you when you want one…regardless of what time of day it is or if you are going to enjoy it straight or dressed…

The concept of Breakfast Teas are brought to reality by Tea Master’s blending imagination of how to deliver the Breakfast Tea experience to those wishing to be taken to a special place as they sip  and savor.

At Drink Great Tea our curated collection of teas of course contains a variety of Breakfast Blends we feel cover the range of concepts tea drinkers dream of when anticipating their favorite Breakfast Tea


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Float A Dead Mouse On It…Extra Robust Irish Breakfast Blend

Bengal Masala Chai

Within the world of teas there are Breakfast Teas…and within Breakfast Teas there are countless variations. As purveyor of teas our job is to match great teas we find with the desire of our customers for that special, outstanding tea experience.

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