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Yunnan Golden Bud (Dian Hong Jin Ya) - Drink Great Tea
Yunnan Golden Bud (Dian Hong Jin Ya) - Drink Great Tea

Yunnan Golden Bud (Dian Hong Jin Ya)

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How could this be black tea? Golden Bud will delight you with its golden color and sweet aroma & taste. The secret to this tea is in taking only buds of the local Fengqing Large Leaf Cultivar from the high mountains of Yunnan Province in early spring, greatly reducing moisture then oxidizing the buds.

The secret reveals itself when the buds instead of turning dark like other black teas, only reach a silky golden tan. The technique combines the leaf ingredients with artisan technique to create honey-like sweet, full bodied broth. Truly amazing.

Dian Hong Jin Ya (Yunnan Golden Tip, Yunnan Golden Bud) "Spectacular" only begins to describe the essence of this very special tea from south China's Yunnan province. Magnificent Golden-Honey like tea broth with thick velvety mouth feel and abundant flavor is achieved by reducing extra amounts of moisture during initial steps of processing the buds of the Yunnan Da Ye (big leaf) cultivar, thus altering the oxidation process and yielding fragrant golden buds of outstanding character.

Ideal growing conditions with an elevation of 4500 feet, abundant rainfall of almost 70 inches per year, organic processes, and mountain temperatures in the mid 60's produce a luscious misty mountain micro-cilmate ideal for the propagation and production of this marvelous tea.

The resulting tea broth yields earthy, gamy notes, with hints of wet leaves, moss, damp wicker & leather. High Theaflavin content represented by the golden color make the aromatic profile fragrant & flowery...

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