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The Cumulative Effect of Tea...Who Knew?

Sure, that cup of tea you are sipping is satisfying, and you have heard how good it is for you, but what about drinking many cups of tea, over a long period of time...what then?
Tea contains "Bioactive Compounds" that are reaching cellular targets and assisting our body's natural systems in supporting wellness and our quest for Longevity.
So think about it...Imagine introducing healthy bioactive compounds into your system more often...maybe almost continuously...
We know as tea changes from green to black during processing, that the drinking properties change AND that the health benefits shift some...If you are flushing a range of healthy tea types through your system frequently, your getting the advantages of the full range of tea.
Compound the effect by drinking tea regularly and letting the Cumulative Effect of Tea support vitality and be part of that quest for Longevity...