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Tea, Metabolism, Body Composition, & Weight Loss…What To Know…

How Can Tea Help Me?...

Tea Will Help…
As an Incentive…
As a Health Beverage…
And As A Soul Embellishment...

But There is More…

There are lots of ways to boost metabolism, the foods we eat, the exercise we do and the sleep we get...Most people though don't consider that the simple act of drinking the right teas will increase metabolism.

And why does that matter? Boosting metabolism results in the burning of more calories. When we burn more calories than we consume, the result is weight loss.

This gets back to the simple act of drinking and enjoying several cups of the right teas per day leading to the burning of an additional 80-100 calories per day.

Drinking and enjoying several cups a day of the right teas per day leads to burning an additional 80-100 calories per day.

The cumulative effect of burning an additional 80-100 calories per day by drinking tea, when combined with other synergistic habits like diet and exercise can make a significant contribution to managing weight.

 Ten Ways to Boost Your Metabolism:

Eat six smaller meals a day

Drink 2-3 liters of water a day...tea broth counts!

Get 8 hours of sleep a night

Build muscle...muscle burns more calories than fat

Eat a nutrient-rich breakfast

Alternate your cardio with 30 second increased bursts

Fill-up on protein

Spice things up with cinnamon, cayenne, and anise

Eliminate Trans-Fats

Drink Tea...and lots of it!


Then There is something we call EE...

Energy Expenditure...

When we are active, we consume energy...calories. When we eat and drink, we intake calories. There is a balance between the calories we consume or burn during activity and the calories take in as nourishment.

Sustainable Life-Long Exercise Is one of the ingredients in our recipe for The Healthy Tea Lifestyle...

Bringing together drinking the right teas with other synergistic Healthy Tea Lifestyle factors like exercise, meditation, yoga, healthy food choices etc. will combine to form your foundation for wellbeing and longevity.

 So the message is about utilizing the Healthy Tea Lifestyle as a long-term plan and incentive to influence your journey to wellbeing and longevity. 

Of course, part of that plan is the ability to control weight which comes as a result in a shift in thinking to a holistic approach of complete wellbeing, including tea.

Small gains that you make starting with the feeling you get as you begin to include quality teas into your life accumulate and begin to form a foundation of awareness that is empowering you to eventually reach control of your wellbeing including weight.

The shift is real and the results are real, but the decision to solemnly accept the opportunity and to remain disciplined to your commitment become the crux of the challenge.

Tea can be your incentive and vehicle for change as well as a functional ingredient making that change happen.

But Which Teas Are the Right Teas?

All Camellia sinensis, the actual tea plant, contains many ingredients conducive to weight control. While the caffeine in tea assimilates into our systems differently from coffee caffeine, it helps us by gently raising our metabolism leading to burning more calories.

Where the tea is grown and the time of the harvesting matters. All teas Are Not Equal...it is true that all real tea IS Camellia sinensis the tea plant...but the growing locations, timing of harvest, processing technique, storage and transportation all matter...a lot. This explains the confusion between traditional grocery store teas and select specialty teas.

Spring teas are abundant with high value content that delivers the taste experience and benefits that Camellia sinensis is capable of.

Selecting quality teas is the first step to achieving your expectations from tea, in your cup and in your body.. 

Combining with the theanine in tea leads to a relaxed clarity and sense of calm, alert, vitality. So, when it comes to tea, caffeine is a positive when considering options.

Boosting Metabolism promotes fat burning, and some teas are also known for their ability to block the release of enzymes that break-down fats so they can't be stored.

This helps by allowing you to absorb less dietary fat forcing your body to burn its supply of stored fat for energy.

So here are our tea recommendations when it comes to weight control:

High quality teas for boosting metabolism:

Unflavored Green Teas

Unflavored Black Teas

High quality teas for suppressing absorption of dietary fats:

Golden Flower and Ralph's Blend

The Dark Oolong Teas of Wu Yi Mountain in China are known for their ability to both boost metabolism and suppress dietary fats. Chinese restaurants provide you dark oolong tea as it is intended to drink before, during and after your meal to help suppress the breakdown of dietary fats.

High quality teas for both boosting metabolism and suppressing absorption of dietary fats:

Wu Yi Shan Oolongs

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